Capturing the In-Between Moments with Candid Photography

Lauren Cupp
Motherhood Photographer based in Columbia, SC
Why HELLO there! I’m Lauren, a motherhood photographer based in Columbia, South Carolina, and I capture the real moments of your life. No stiff poses or forced smiles - just genuine interactions + that beautiful chaos that comes with raising tiny human beings. My sessions are child-led and movement-based, meaning we follow the kiddos' lead and let them set the pace. If your child wants to run in circles or inspect every rock and leaf, then that’s exactly what we’re gonna do! This approach not only makes the session more enjoyable for everyone but also results in photos that truly reflect your family’s unique dynamic. One of my clients recently shared this with me: “Working with you was SO incredibly easy. There was no pressure, even with two kids doing their own thing.” Ready to capture the in-between moments of your family? Click the "book now" button at the very top of this page. Need more information first? Keep scrolling to find my featured session packages.

Client Love

Every time we book a session with Lauren, she welcomes us with open arms, helps us feel comfortable, and reassured us that she wants us to just be ourselves. And let me tell you, those pictures do not disappoint!! I fall in love with them every single time. I highly recommend working with Lauren, can't wait for our next session!
The photos look great...and I was telling my people how this is the most ME and comfortable I've ever felt getting my photos taken. Thanks so much for creating that atmosphere!
Working with Lauren was SO incredibly easy. Lauren is an absolute gem. She's not only a beautiful human, but a talented and kind photographer. Her patience and ability to pull children out of their shell is unmatched. I loved working with and watching her work. 10/10 recommend!
I love working with Lauren! I love seeing her point of view on things and how she was able to help me prepare for our session. Lauren, I love your energy. I'm so glad I found you online. I just want to thank you so much!!